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These antibodies also labeled the posterior epithelium and the anterior myoepithelium (dilator muscle) of the iris. MCAD and SCHAD antibodies labeled the posterior epithelium of the iris more strongly than the anterior epithelium, whereas COX I antibodies labeled more intensely the anterior epithelium of the iris. All antibodies labeled the sphincter muscle.

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When GC measures were averaged across all connections and compared across groups (Fig. 3 Table 3), NFL alumni showed significantly lowered mean GC relative to controls. Comparing GC measures across groups for each connection (Table 3), revealed significantly lowered GC in NFL alumni relative to controls in connections to the DLPFC from the PC and the FPC, and in connections to the FPC from the PC.

Almost all of these quantitative measurements were significantly different between the normal control eyes and the eyes with RNFL defects (all P except circumpapillary 9 clock hour RNFL thickness). The AUCs in terms of quantitative measurements are also presented in Table 1. The two parameters with the highest discriminating ability for RNFL defects were the significance map (sensitivity 98.4 specificity 88.9 and AUC 0.937) and the thickness map (sensitivity 96.9 specificity 86.1 and AUC 0.915).