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15 Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

When you become a public figure, the way people both look at and think about you changes. In many ways, you become something other than yourself… Even further, you become well known for particular aspects of your personality or body, and these …

15 Disturbing Yet Hilarious Face Swaps

We hope you’ve already eaten today, because we’ve got some pretty disturbing face swaps to show you! Of course, they’re not all gross… In fact, most of them aren’t that gross. Who are we kidding? These face swaps are absolutely hilarious! Have …

15 Camel Toe Fails… Ouch

No one likes a wedgie. That’s just a fact of existence. Maybe, when you were stalking around the halls of your high school, the class clown gave you an atomic wedgie – the kind you only see in the movies. Those are …