15 Tweets About Television That Will Make You LOL

Once not too long ago, you could just watch television. Now? Well, television criticism has become something of a national pastime. Maybe you know someone who writes about it for a living? What a weird job, huh? At any rate, even if you don’t have a “television critic” for a friend, we bet you know some people that like to tweet about their favorite television shows – or else post about them on Facebook. As they say about blind squirrels catching nuts, sometimes these television tweeters strike comic gold. That’s exactly what we’ve collected for you below. Enjoy!

1. Change In Genre

Now, if you haven’t watched Full House in a long time – and shame on you if that’s the case – then you may have forgotten an important fact about the cast. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen didn’t play two separate characters; they played one. However, as this astute tweeter posits, it would’ve been hysterical if they made a Halloween episode where the two of them appeared on screen at the same time. Spooky!